March 2015: TEDx talk: 'Is Conservation for Sale?'

Bruno spoke at the TEDx conference on Mar 27th 2015 in Windhoek under the banner 'Playing Beyond'. His theme was: 'What chance do elephants, rhinos and pangolins have? We need to invest into conservation efforts and the people who risk their lives to ensure that our children will get to see these animals in their lifetime.'
Speaking from his personal experiences on the front line of the conservation of elephants, rhinos and pangolins, he addressed each species in turn, asking 'What chance do Elephants, Rhinos and Pangolins have?' He offered a challenge eg to CITES and WWF to take on a new role to try to stem the extinction of these animals by controlling animal product supplies and uses. Bruno closed his talk with the slide below, calling for collective responsibility:

The full 17minute talk can be watched on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/I12LfAJriSY

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