Oct. 2015: First International Pangolin Conservation, Trade and Rehabilitation Conference

Dr. Debbie Shaw and Paul Rankin from Pangolin Research Mundulea participated in the First International Pangolin Conservation, Trade and Rehabilitation Conference, Oct. 12-15th hosted by the African Pangolin Working Group and held in the Mabula Lodge, South Africa.
It was a pleasure to learn from and share knowledge with the international pangolin experts and fellow IUCN Specialist Subgroup members. Old friendships were strengthened and new made, all caring about the survival of the eight pangolin species in the face of increasing threat and illegal poaching for the African and Asian markets. (1 million pangolins have been lost in the last 10 years - now the most poached animal on the planet)

Our own poster contribution focused on the piloting of tracking technologies in Namibia with Temminck's Ground pangolin. Our aim is to pool the requirements for the research and conservation of different species to encourage and fund the development of GPS trackers, especially those using cellular, GPS technology.

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